Founded by brothers Kenyon and Stephen Phillips and featuring Spacehog alums Royston Langdon and Jonny Cragg, Unisex Salon cranks out high-energy pop rock that sounds like a cross between the Beatles, Nirvana and mid-70s David Bowie. Androgynous front man Kenyon exudes the feral energy of a young Iggy Pop, while the steely guitar chops of older brother Stephen lend the band its bona fide rock cred. With members based in both NY and LA, the five piece has a reputation on both coasts for its explosive live shows and fashionable following. On the licensing front, cuts from Unisex Salon’s 2008 debut “Like A Bitch” have been featured on the CBS series “Eleventh Hour,” Fox’s extreme sports network, Fuel TV, and in an upcoming commercial for L’Oreal’s Studio Line hair products.